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Keep continuing this series, it intriuges me

It's a pretty unique idea and I also appreciate the music you use.

Also ff9 was great, good choice. :P


Not only have you'd impressed me with your fantastic creativity and artistic abilities, but you also may be familiar with Hokuto No Ken? Great!

I really like this reel, it features may memorable clips from Magical Rainbow Pedophile, Anus boy, and your collabs. And it featured the new material and clips.

I seriously hope you'll continue Magical Rainbow Pedophile. :P

Very good

I thought the lack of actual voice recording and use of speakonia actually made this animation even more effective. I liked the black and white artstyle and the faceless character design. Good work.

Tagger54 responds:

well thank you, but I do believe that to get a good score, next time I will definitely need some real people, but thank you for the 10

Fairly good...

I really enjoyed the narration and the art style, yet this wasn't much of an animtation as it was a slide show. The music was very ambient and was well-suited. Good luck with the series.

Kinky Katt owns all!

This is the greatest thing I have ever witnessed on this site! I loved the art style, the music, the voice over and the characters (oh god, THE CHARACTERS). Great job, 10/10!

(Little fact, this flash was created by Joe Phillips and his animation studio, AVA.)

thank u,it did look like a shitty movie

the trailor and commercials look so gay! this desevre to be on the parody collection! good job


what is this its a year old and nobody else reveiwed it?

really good

I liked this flash even though i dont like most stick flash.

well done!

This is the first flash I haved seen from you and probably of some of the highest quallity.Who was the guy who was plotting against them?

whos Ki1o?

I loved this as much as I did love Strawberry gets a TV! Really well animated. What was the insparation for this flash?

CrustClock responds:

Ki1O was one of the most infamous anti-clocks. He would vote 0 on every clock movie, regardless of score reviewing them only with his voting text, he made tea with far to much milk and he thinks catfish are the same as flatfish. There's something not right.

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